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The EMMYS 2015 on Sunday, September 20th, was an incredible evening with talented artists being honored for their work in television by The Academy of Arts and Sciences.

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau from Game of Thrones     Lily Tomlin from Grace & Frankie
New Commercial for Beach Body Shakeology is up and running! This was a fun shoot! Enjoy!!

Panera Bread launches new Commercial Campaign, and yours truly, is a part of it! Thank you everyone for your continued love and support!

Michelle is having a blast being a new member, and attending incredible events for The Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences, aka The Emmy's. From Mad Men to Modern Family, and inspiring Documentaries, these have been fun and fabulous screenings and panels.

On set working commercials in April. Bar S Hotdogs with our great Director Joshua Forbes. My wonderful "Fake" Family. And CONGRATS to Josh on your MTV Video Award Nomination for "Shut Up & Dance" by Walk the Moon.
Michelle ventured out to Red Rock Canyon in the Mojave Desert last week for a photo-shoot. The beauty of nature was overwhelming.

Then the trip headed out to Lake Gregory in the Arrowhead Mountains. A truly glorious view at sunset....

Remembering Leonard Nimoy:

I worked with Leonard Nimoy when I first moved out to LA. It was my first print booking, posing as a marble statue for his new Coffee Table Book.
Most people don't know he got into acting to make money for his real passion of Photography. He told me he used his famous hand signal in his TV show, which he actually adapted from seeing the Rabbi in his Orthodox Temple in Brooklyn, bless the congregation with the Hebrew Letter Shim. He incorporated it into his character when he got older.He interviewed me 3 times, before I booked the job, and went to his house to meet his lovely wife, and was floored when I booked the chance to work with someone I grew up watching!! My father had turned my family into Trekkies, watching every Star Trek episode and movie!!! I am so sad to hear of his passing this morning.
May Mr. Spock always and forever, "LIVE LONG AND PROSPER!!!!"

RIP Leonard Nimoy xoxoxo

Michelle is welcomed by The Sherard Show. Here is her incredible interview, talking about her career, current projects, and what's in store for 2015!! Follow Sherard on Twitter too: @TheSherardShow

CONGRATULATIONS to the uber talented group Above & Beyond for their new video "We're All We Need" reaching over 3,535,000 views!!!! So wonderful to have been a part of this project!! I worked under the visionary direction of Kenlon Clark, and Executive Produced by Alec Eskander at Green Glow Films. This recreation of Thelma & Louise was an exciting and rewarding experience! Enjoy the video...

Michelle worked on a great comedic short with the very talented writer, producer, and star of "Law & Allah" Lee Amir-Cohen, with incredible cinematography by Jared Black, a fun and fabulous day on set! ENJOY!


"Young Americans" was selected for the AFI Film Festival in the top 5 screeners for all Graduate Thesis Films! "Young Americans" has also won a Student Emmy from the TV Academy of Arts and Sciences, and has won awards at The Cleveland Internation Film Festival, The Ashland Internation Film Festival, and  Sedona Internation Film Festival, with many more to come.

And we kicked but this past weekened on both coasts!!!!
East Coast at Milledgeville Film Festival in Georgia and West Coast at The Newport Beach Film Festival! Continued success to all those who made this happen!!!!!!

Michelle worked on the new FOX hit comedy "Dads" starring Seth Green and Giovanni Ribisi. Her episode was directed by the award winning Mark Cendrowski now available on iTunes.

Michelle worked on the show "Rake" starring the very talented Greg Kinnear. Look for her episode directed by the award winning Paul Edwards now available on Hulu Plus and iTunes.

Michelle worked on "Ironside" starring Blair Underwood directed by the wonderful Rod Holcomb. Box set of Season #1 available on Hulu Plus and iTunes.

"EASY SILENCE" was a passion project of the very talented actor/writer/producer Ashley Reign and was directed by the young up-and-coming visionary Stephen Bailey. Premier was at Reel Recovery Film Festival.


Michelle booked the short film "Young Americans." Playing an addict being reunited with her estranged daughter played by the very talented Stevie Lynn Jones- now starring in Crisis on NBC- was challenging and rewarding! Director Kevin Lacy was honored at the DGA (Directors Guild of America) for the AFI Short Film Festival in March 2014 and is currently winning awards across the countries in various film festivals! Congrats to the entire cast and crew!

Michelle on the music video for the famous UK group "The Midnight Beast" under the brilliant direction of Jon Jon Augustavo for the new Sarah Silverman and Michael Cera website JASH. This was a fabulously fun shoot. Michelle had a ball on set! Check out the video by clicking the picture!!!!!

BACKSTAGE GIRLSYoutube Series, Starring Michelle Bernard and Stephanie Ann Saunders.

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